Ostos - the Shopping List App

The shopping list that helps you to make your shopping list quicker. It learns to know your favourite items.

main list screen

Features you love


One single purpose list: shopping list, on the basic version.

Fast to use

Workflow designed to be smooth even on medium range Android devices.

Learns to love you

It will learn to offer you the items first you use most. The more you use, the better it gets.


The little smarts make it smooth.


Handle with ease

Toggle bought status just with one click. Remove items by swiping left. Edit Items by swiping right.

Start adding articled by pressing the big Action Button, and follow the quick flow.

Natural flow in your fingertips

Add - search - pick - view/edit -done !

Tap big action button with the plus sign on the bottom right.

Search screen provides you with the most popular items. Narrow search by typing.

Pick the item you want to add, or type all new name. Click check mark when done to proceed.

View and edit. A window with already filled details will appear, if available. Note that next field key really works.

Click the check mark when done, and the item will appear on the list under chosen category.

Featuring the Landscape Mode

  1. Let the phone rotate content, it's in the phone's settings.
  2. On the main list, long press to select an item without toggling the check mark
  3. The details of the item will be shown on the right side of the display


It learns to know your favourites!

It uses simple but efficient algorithm to know your favourite items.

The basic version uses simple counting statistic and ordering by criteria, but it works surprisingly well. You need to type less in the search.

Latest AndoroidX technology

It's all new software based on the latest AndroidX compatibility library

It provides the same experience on different Android versions from Nougat (7.1.1) to Pie, Q and beyond. The database access is based on Room library. It is written in Kotlin language.

The design applies Material Design.


First version will be free!


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try before I buy?

No problem, the first version will be free

What payment methods do you accept?

You want to pay? Google Play.

Can I change my plan later?

Sure, paid option will be available later.

What languages do you support

English, Español (castellano), Català, Française, Deutsch, Svenska, Suomi.
Simplified chinese is provided Google translated without further support.

Download From Google Play AVAILABLE

Available for Android Nougat (7.1.1) and newer*

*Full feature support. Partial support down to Android 2.3 under consideration.

Proudly Made in Europe. Developed and marketed in Madrid province, Spain.